Cyril Gittens vs Fatigue



Recommended Therapy

Power Plate


Improvement in strength
Faster recovery from exercise
More energy

When I stumbled upon the Energy Bar initially, I came across a lost business card from one of the Energy Bar’s “wellness technicians” at my local gym. At this point, it was a split second decision that I made whether to investigate more or disregard it completely. I chose to give the lovely lady at their front desk a call and I’m so glad I did! Now as a customer, I believe it’s a worthwhile investment in anyone’s health, young or old! As a science student, I get inundated with long hours of emails, projects, and exam dates to cram for. The machines, like the EWOT service especially, give me the physical stamina and endurance I need to get through these things in one piece. In addition, the Power Plate and HOCATT machines aid in recovery and supplement your personal workouts tremendously! The workouts at the Energy Bar are simply at a level I cannot achieve alone in the gym because I just don’t have time, the focus, or the knowledge to be in the gym at the level that is achieved here at the Energy Bar in less time.
There’s not much that can be done about my scoliosis other than surgery, but lethargy or tiredness is a big deal to me. Each of the therapies I’ve tried helped me to feel and look more energetic and be more physically flexible at least anecdotally after every session.
I’m a pretty young guy so I don’t have or I’m not aware of any preexisting conditions like high blood pressure etc. but I found that going to the energy bar is really helpful for supplementing my personal workout routine. Going on the power plate or the EWOT substantially improves my exercise output during and after the session. For example, outside the energy bar and in my local gym I do an exercise called a battle rope burpee. After multiple power plate sessions, I could feel that I have much better form and my movements are al lot stronger. And during my energy bar sessions, I get a workout that is at least twice as intense as my own workouts. I can’t achieve this level of power on my own.

Cyril Gittens