John Shodipo vs Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain
Glute and hamstring pain.

Recommended Therapy



Decreased pain in hips and hamstrings. Lower back feels great. Recovering and shifting back into his normal training regimen

The energy bar is such a great place to go to for complete physical improvement. I’ve suffered with many injuries over the course of my basketball playing career and felt great improvement my initial visit. The technicians take their time figuring out the root cause of your ailments and work hard to help you get better. They have great equipment and advanced technology to keep track of your improvement so you have actual evidence of your improved well-being. Not like you need it, because your body will tell you all you need to know, but it’s a plus. Jeff is constantly looking for ways to improve the facility, which is awesome for us, as our health will improve faster and innovatively. As if that wasn’t good enough, the icing on the cake is the staff. Me being reserved I pay attention to an establishment’s efforts to adjust to your personal needs, and not treat you like just another patron. They really make you feel at home and they go out of their way to make you comfortable. From the receptionists, to the technicians, to the owner himself; everyone is extremely pleasant. Definitely the best overall wellness center I’ve been to!!

John Shodipo