Scott Garwood vs Shoulder and Back Pain


Lower back pain
Restricted range of motion in shoulder from a shoulder tear.

Recommended Therapy

Power Plate


Increased range of motion and strength in shoulder
Back pain relief

I have been a regular member of The Energy Bar since they opened and cannot think of another place I enjoy attending as much as this. Physically, my 20 year lower back pain has gone away and the pain and restricted movement from my shoulder tear of 10 years ago is improving each week as well. Beyond the obvious pain relief, The Energy Bar provides an environment of nurturing and uplifting energy for my mind, body and spirit. I simply walk out of there feeling awesome from head to toe. The staff is amazing and you can tell they really care about you and your health – a culture that the rest of the health system desperately lacks. Highly recommended – a great place to frequent – fun, relaxing and makes you feel better every time you go. PEMF, powerplate and massage made my lower back pain of 20 years go away. Not sure how, but they did. PEMF, powerplate and massage helped my shoulder stabilize and use muscles that were under compensating due to injury. HOCATT helped re-energize my entire mind and body.

Scott Garwood