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Advanced Wellness Therapies

Pulsed Electromagnetic
Field Therapy (PEMF)

A non-invasive therapy that utilizes an electromagnetic field that travels deep down to the cellular level in any part of the body, resulting in pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increased circulation.

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Advanced Wellness Therapies

The HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna

A unique personalized carbonic acid and ozone sauna that enhances the body’s immune system and oxygen levels, resulting in detoxification and improvement in overall health and wellbeing.

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Advanced Wellness Therapies


A non-pharmaceutical option for preventing and reversing osteoporosis using self-compression of bones in 4 unique movements.

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Advanced Wellness Therapies

Exercise with Oxygen
Therapy (EWOT)

A system that allows for full oxygen saturation of the body’s tissues during exercise, triggering an anti-inflammatory response in the blood vessels. Our Altitude Contrast Training utilizes high intensity interval training, which alternates between periods of oxygen saturation and oxygen deprivation.

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Advanced Wellness Therapies

Power Plate

Power Plate is a triplanar vibrational device that can be used to improve sports performance, prevent or recover from an injury, and increase overall circulation and flexibility.

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Advanced Wellness Therapies

Massage Therapy

An intuitive style of massage blended with clinical techniques to help clients reach their specific health goals, including rehabilitation, chronic pain management, increased circulation, and relaxation.

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Scott Garwood
I haven’t been a paying customer for I have had 7 sessions at The Energy Bar so far and all have been outstanding. My 15 year lower back pain went away a few sessions ago and we are still working on my shoulder tear from 10 years ago – improving each week…

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Melody McGovern
I originally decided to come to the Energy Bar to work on the BioDensity machine to hopefully reduce my bone loss due to osteopenia. I have had approximately 6 session and have been meeting my goals or exceeding them…

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Brian Marshall
I absolutely love this place! I have to admit, as a guy, I had a lot of head-trash about going here initially, but I’m so glad that I didn’t let that get in the way. I was introduced to The Energy Bar through a friend who was talking about how well he felt after just a few sessions…

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