Page 1 of 365. Rewrite Your Health Story, One Day at a Time.

The New Year is a chance at a clean slate and the opportunity to accomplish what we want in our lives. I challenge you to take a minute to evaluate where you are on your wellness journey. Do you hold within you the knowledge necessary to maximize your own health? Have you taken control to prevent disease and to live proactively instead of reactively to disease?

Even when we know what to do, sometimes we can’t find it within ourselves. We doubt our inner wisdom and willpower.

Sometimes we think our miraculous bodies are adapting with ease and grace. But in reality our bodies are over compensating for foods that are creating inflammation.

We ask a lot of our bodies in today’s world. We need them to cool down our stress, eliminate toxins from the air we breathe, and cleanse food additives, artificial colors and unnecessary hormones out of our vital organs.

Even if you give it your all, you still live in a toxic world. You still face stress and unforeseen circumstances. Sugar still creates the need for more sugar. Dairy makes you crave dairy. Eating bread means you need more bread. Life can get overwhelming. We get in the routine of the everyday and rush for convenience, often resulting in high stress, low nutrition, and a complete disregard for self.

What are you doing today to treat your body well and achieve wholeness? What are you doing to prevent osteoporosis, manage pain, eliminate toxins and stimulate growth hormone to create a strong foundation for a healthier future?

This year, skip the hype of the New Year’s resolutions and create a mission statement. Start thinking larger and for the wellness of your future. Ask yourself, “What happens if I don’t change? Why is my health important to me?”

At The Energy Bar we believe in treating individuals holistically. Embrace wellness physically, spiritually and mentally. Health is an ongoing journey that ultimately strives for wholeness. It’s time to take back control. Stop the negative routine and regain your health for your future.