Build Stronger Bones



bioDensity is a non-pharmaceutical technology that is used to prevent or reverse osteoporosis without side effects. This technology safely aids in increasing bone mineral density by using self-applied compressive forces on the bones in order to stimulate the body’s natural bone generation process. Research has shown an average increase of 7-14% in bone mineral density in the hip and spine after one year of treatment. The best part is it only requires a commitment of 20-30 minutes once a week to see results. It is difficult to live life fully energized knowing you are at risk of serious injury. Let The Energy Bar help you take back control of your health and well-being with bioDensity!

bioDensity Benefits

Improve Bone Density
Increase Bone Mass
Improve Joint Support
Improve Balance
Increase Muscle Tone
Enhance Circulation
Increase Anabolic Hormone Production
Allow for Safe Maximal “Self-Loading”

How bioDensity Technology Works

bioDensity is based on the principles of Wolff’s Law, which states that a bone grows and remodels in response to the forces and stimulus that are applied on it. The unique design of bioDensity allows you to put the greatest amount of weight bearing pressure on your bones that your body can generate. By allowing this maximal “self-loading” along with real-time feedback on force production, bioDensity stimulates all major musculoskeletal structures. The system records all force production data and compares exercise sessions to provide a highly reliable and valid system for assessing strength that can be used to provide targeted exercise recommendations and ongoing program modification. This feedback motivates users and provides specific targets during each session based on the user’s previous exercise performance.