Increase Circulation


Power Plate

The Power Plate is a certified medical grade training device that is used to activate the body’s natural reflexive response to vibration. Power Plate’s vibrating platform moves to engage muscles in a consistent and controlled manner. The technology is used to precisely stimulate the muscle fibers to recruit more overall muscular activity. Implementing the Power Plate into a workout routine allows the body to increase its capacity without making the body bare any extra weight. The Energy Bar offers one-on-one sessions with wellness technicians who create a personalized fitness routine to help clients utilize the 5 elements of physical activity: stretching, balance, core conditioning, strength training, and circulation. Any client, from the highest athleticism to lowest activity level, can benefit from training on the Power Plate. Whether you are simply trying to improve overall health and wellness, trying to prevent or recover from injury, or wanting to increase your athletic performance, the Power Plate will help you reach your goals!

Power Plate Benefits

Increase Circulation
Improve Flexibility
Increase Lean Muscle Mass
Strengthen Core Muscles
Improve Balance
Increase Sport Specific Performance
Promote Lymphatic Drainage
Improve Bone Density
Reduce Muscle Soreness

How Power Plate Works

The Power Plate has a vibrating base which operates in three directions (front to back, side to side & up and down) simultaneously. The vibrations occur at a rate of 25-50 times per second and activates 95% of both Type I and Type II muscle fibers, compared to the 20% of using standard gym equipment. The vibrations intensify physical activity because the small movements force the body out of balance. The body corrects this imbalance with very rapid reflex contractions. Therefore, the muscles are almost continuously in the state of reaction. This provides users with a more intense and effective full body workout in a short amount of time.