Release Stress & Tension


Life Yoga™ Therapy

Life Yoga™ Therapy centers on the principle of reducing tension in the physical body and releasing stress of the mind. This allows for a return to a natural state of health & well being. The core practice of Life Yoga™ Therapy focuses on releasing & strengthening asanas. Releasing asanas develop flexibility of connective tissues (tendons, ligaments) allowing one to achieve full range of motion in the joints. Asanas are taught in conjunction with breathing (pranayama) and mental cultivation (meditation).

Life Yoga™ Therapy Benefits

Improved circulation
Improved balance
Release stress of the mind
Release tension in the physical body
Develop mindfulness
Gain full range of motion in the joints

More about Life Yoga™ Therapies

Life Yoga™ Therapy is a system of yogic study modeled around the practices of Ch’an (Zen) meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Longevity practices. The system is comprised of the following five yoga methods: Releasing Yoga (Life Yoga™ I), Strengthening Yoga (Life Yoga™ II),  Flowing Yoga (Life Yoga™ III),  and Longevity Yoga (Life Yoga™ IV).