Revitalize Your Cells


Active Oxygen Therapy (AOT)

Active Oxygen Therapy is conducted by using an oxygen generator while performing cardiovascular activity. Oxygen is delivered to the client through a mask and is circulated throughout the body via respiratory function.  AOT can be used by any individual looking to increase their energy, maximize speed, maximize endurance, speed recovery, and help with cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

Active Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Increase Oxygen within the Body
Increase Calories Burned During Exercise
Improve Metabolic Function
Improve Immune Function
Initiate Anti-Inflammatory Response
Reduce Lactic Acid Buildup
Improve Athletic Enhancement
Detoxify the Body
Prevent Premature Aging

How Active Oxygen Therapy Works

During a session of AOT, the client will go through cycles of oxygen saturation and oxygen deprivation while engaging in cardiovascular activity. As a result, pulmonary oxygen absorption is enhanced to allow more oxygen to enter the system, resulting in the production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs). Increased production of RBCs help transport all the extra oxygen to the tissues, muscles, and brain.